Monday, April 27, 2009

Three Dollar Sketches- Have a look!

So here are some from the first batch of sketches. I'm putting a bunch of envelopes in the mail tomorrow. If you guys like what you see, feel free to order more... my hand can take it-- and who needs sleep anyway?

Also if you have friends who might be interested in cheap drawings, don't hesitate to point them over here.

Thanks to everybody who's ordered so far, the response has been great!

If you want a $3 sketch, just fill in the form below and click "Pay now" or send $3 + 42 cents shipping & handling to


  1. tony, those are fantastic! seems one of those looks awfully familiar. for dan, i imagine? ;)
    i hope you don't mind, but i think i'm going to do something similar. i'll be sure to list you as my inspiration. :D

  2. Woot. Just ordered up a couple sketches. I will keep thinking of things. Happy to support.

    I'd love to chat about a more specific commission...

  3. Can't get the "pay now" button to work. Must be retarded.

  4. I'd love to order a sketch, but the "pay now" button no workee...

  5. Hey guys. Just fixed the button.
    Sorry about that.

    Fason- You steal my idea and I will destroy you. DESTROY. ;)

    Nico- Thanks for the support. Anything specific you want, just email me-

  6. Just ordered a bunch! Hope you don't mind...