Wednesday, April 15, 2009

JOHNNY WADD interview on CBR

The newest JOHNNY WADD interview went up today on CBR. Big thanks to Matt Murphy and Jonah Weiland over there for helping me keep the word out.

Here's an excerpt:

And while the books do feature sexual themes there's no graphic sex, making them "non-porno porno comics."

Surprisingly, Fleecs faced arduous research when he got the gig. "I watched [the movie] strangely opposite the regular way you watch porn, because I fast forwarded through all the sex and went straight for the plot,” he said. “In other words, fucking is not the motivation to the story."

Read the whole piece right here.

Also there's only 5 days left to get your entry in to the Johnny Wadd Porno 'stache contest.

And did I mention you could get your own copy of the Wadd book right here?

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