Saturday, April 25, 2009

Announcing The $3 - Tony Fleecs is Broke All the Time - Commemorative Sketch!!

Hey folks!
So here's what's up: In these tough economic times you may have resigned yourself to not being able to afford commissioned sketches from world famous comic book artists... Well you're probably right. Luckily for you there are still plenty of non-world famous comic book artists who are willing to put out for ridiculously cheap prices.

Here's the info:
  • $3 + 42¢ shipping
  • 3 x 5"
  • AT LEAST Pen & ink. Probably also ink washed or colored pencil or markered over top.
  • Any character you want. (comics, TV, movies, caricature, whatever)
  • 1 character per piece.
  • Gets mailed out between 1 & 5 days after you order depending on my schedule.
You can get 1 sketch, you can get 30... You can get me to sketch every member of the Legion of Superheroes ever... Whatever you want.

Just Click the paypal button below to order or send $3.42 to


Disclaimers- No refunds (unless the piece is somehow the worst thing I've ever drawn and I didn't realize it before I mailed it out). I reserve the right to publish any of the sketches on the internet or in sketchebooks or wherever.


  1. hey what a deal! i may have to hit you up. great work on your blog too! jrod mentioned you might letter the book we're working on, hope we can get a pinup out of you too :)
    great stuff

  2. Tony, the price of stamps went up to 44 cents.