Monday, September 28, 2009

Desk Shot 012 + Long Beach Comic-Con and Mystery Page

What's up, world?

Here's another shot of some of the cheap sketches-- These are actually all for one dude... and I'm not even sure he had the biggest order. I'm tearing through these as fast as I can-- Trying to get a giant stack penciled and inked so I can just paint them all up in one night and mail them out.

If you want to get on the (super long) list for some cheap sketches just fill out the form and click the button below or you can paypal $6.44 per sketch directly to (international buyers, just tack on another dollar per for shipping).

Speaking of sketches, If you're headed to the Long Beach Comic Con (This weekend, October 2-4) you can get one from me in person. I'll be in Artist Alley with my buddies and studio-mates Tone Rodriguez, Chris Moreno and Mark Dos Santos. I'll be sketching and selling all my books (Hester just threw some FireBreather trades in the mail for me) as well as selling a couple new prints which I'll post up here for your perusal in a couple of days. Also, me and the studio boys will have a sketchbook for sale (cover pictured right over there) which serves as an appetizer for the big color book we're putting together for the cons next year. If you're in the area (or can afford the flight), I hope to see you out there.

Finally, here's a new page I threw together for a secret pitch. It's in my completely opposite more realistic style-- I think it came out kind of cool.

Ok, I'll check in again later this week. Take care, everybody.

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  1. Technically not all for me - but yes, they are all coming my way!