Sunday, March 15, 2009

JOHNNY WADD Podcast Interview! Me and Dave on the WACHTER FACTOR!!

Here's a new Podcast interview, a conversation between myself and Dave Wachter who drew my Johnny Wadd book.

Here's What Dave says:
"Tony and I re-recorded our conversation, since the first recording was incomprehensible:

The third edition of The WACHTER FACTOR! is a format change as I have a conversation with comic creator Tony Fleecs. In this re-recorded interview, we discuss the making of Tell Them Johnny Wadd is Here, compare our artistic processes, and chat about life in general as comic book creators and fans. Bonus: find out why Richard Dreyfuss is insane. Technical difficulties are cured!

Download on iTunes or here:"

As Always, you can get the Johnny Wadd comic- HERE!

AND, you can enter the Badass Mustache contest to win a free copy of the book right HERE!

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