Thursday, July 2, 2009

$6 Sketches - Look who came crawling back...

Hey Folks,

Here's a bunch of new sketches. These will all hit the mail tomorrow. If you haven't seen your sketches yet, they're coming. I'm knocking these out as fast as I can while keeping up with the regular work. Hopefully I'll have another bunch to post this weekend.

If you haven't ordered sketches and you want to get on the list, as always you can use the paypal button at the bottom of this post or just paypal $6.44 x the number of sketches you want to (add a dollar per for UK, Can or Australian shipping).

To your right, another one of the sketches makes it's way to a loving home. Thanks to Brooks Williams for posting that up. Makes me feel good to see my cheapass doodles getting the classy frame treatment.

OK- Here's sketches:

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