Friday, July 3, 2015

SDCC 2015! Exclusive Print! Exclusive Comics!

Hey Everybody!

I'm sure you're all aware, next week is the biggest comic convention of the year down in beautiful San Diego, CA.

I'm taking it easy this year (or as easy as you can take it in that madhouse.)-- Most of the time it'll just be me and the wife digging around for Star Wars toys and stuff. BUT! I'm doing a pop-up store in Small Press (P14) on Friday and Saturday for a couple hours each day. And I'll be there selling this
Exclusive Tony Fleecs SDCC Limited Edition Pony Heroes and Villains print!

It's a 13x19" matte print on 80lb. Cardstock.  It's $25, only available in person and it's limited to 100 signed and numbered copies. Ever. 

If you want to guarantee you get one you can pre-order them here and pick them up at the show.  

These won't be shipped or anything-- the only way to get them is at the con. So if  you aren't going to be there-- hopefully you have a friend who loves you very much. If you don't want to Pre-Order you can walk right up at the show.

I'll be at P14 in Small Press Friday, July 10th from Noon-2pm and Saturday, July 11th 1-3pm. 

That's the only time and place you can get this one. Like I said... Exclusive! Also during those 2 hour shifts I'll sign anything you want and I'll be drawing my $20 quick pony heads.

I'll also be signing at IDW through weekend! 

IDW Booth 2743 Pony Signings
Thursday 11:00 - 12:00
Saturday 11:00 - 12:00
Sunday 2:00 - 3:00 

Thom Zahler, Heather Breckel and my MY LITTLE PONY #32 is the Con Exclusive MLP issue this year (this way you can get it a week early!)
AND there's a Convention exclusive edition of the MLP FIENDSHIP IS MAGIC TPB (in which I drew the TIREK and NIGHTMARE MOON issues!)

Come get those at IDW and we'll sign them up for you. Here's a link to IDW's Exclusives Page for more info. 

And that's pretty much it! Thanks to Mark and Autumn at Daydreams and Giggles for hooking up the booth space. After SDCC I'm not doing another con until 
BRONYCON in Baltimore! August 7-9.

Speaking of which-- Here's a peek at two (out of a BUNCH of) Bronycon Exclusives I did this year. It's one of my favorite pony pieces I've done yet. Can you name them all?

This one's a split cover. Friends Forever 18/Friendship is Magic 32. Available from Jetpack comics. More Bronycon news as we get closer. 

Ok! Hope you guys are ready! See you soon!